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20th-Mar-2012 11:23 pm - Laconic: zen and all his friends
Okay my old entry got eaten by data vampires but it was mostly happy with yoga and getting things turned in on time and not worrying about test for a few seconds. Today life was good

And I'm hoping life with be good tomorrow too. Now that freewebs is up again I can start drawing my next site design (I would try today but it's already late and I wake up early for school). Hopefully there's a full update by Saturday.

PS: Note to self, the animated icons look weird on Internet Explorer. Don't use it you dolt :P
19th-Mar-2012 10:44 pm - *panic*
Somedays I hate the quiz-a-week format of my bio lab class. Good news: only have the class once a week, Bad news: I have it tommorow. I can't even whine, I was the one who goofed off (and is continuing to goof off somewhat) during Spring Break.

So I guess it's more like somedays I wish I kept the promises I made myself.

And I already made promise to myself earlier (as in the wee hours of the morning eariler) today. It's not looking to good either...

Oye, you dolt -_-
Act Stupid
18th-Mar-2012 11:06 pm - *dusts away cobwebs*
I figured that I might as well use this or lose this and I'm kinda curious to see what's been going on here.

For a brief update:

  • I'm a freshman in college who's smart self decided 17 credits wouldn't hurt her already dismal social life
  • I've posted two fan-fictions since my last entry: A Harry Potter|Mai-Hime|Fate/Stay Night crossover (yes, all three of them) Tangled in Fate, and a Harry Potter AU (unrelated) Blood of Mine. I've been thinking about adding a Vocaloid/Black Rock Shooter crossover come November.
  • I won last years NaNoWriMo *feels proud*
  • My relationships with family are better (looking back, I can't believe how dramatic things were back then, sheeh!) My sister and I are the best of friends
  • Other relationships...not so much, recent experience makes me think boyfriends should stay out of the picture for awhile
  • Feeling (or more recognizing) that I'm not a grown - up yet despite everything above. I really need to fix that.
  • I'm re - working my original fics, a lot, oye.
So see you (hopefully) later
18th-Mar-2012 08:51 pm - Writer's Block: Wear This, Not That
What is the most timeless article of clothing or fashion accessory?
A necklace, a simple one is good for causal or dressy occasions
1st-Jan-2009 04:25 pm - Happy New Day

and Happy New Year to everyone. As it is a brand new year, 2009, I figured I should start making some resolutions
  • Get out more
  • Take some online courses
  • Finish two Works in Progress by 2010
  • Try to procrastinate less (fat chance)
  • Do something different
Hope everyone's New Year's was great, si ya
24th-Dec-2008 10:57 am - *thorws confetti*

  • Finish the finale to my series Treasure Chest
  • Study for all my finals this week
  • Not freak out
  • DO all my finals this week
  • Post extras to my series Treasure Chest
  • Not freak out
  • Buy Christmas gifts for whole family
  • Make Christmas Gifts for all my friends
  • Not freak out


Merry (almost) Christmas folks!
Kero Christmas
14th-Dec-2008 04:56 pm(no subject)

Okay so here's my to-do list before the 25th:

  • Finish the finale to my series Treasure Chest
  • Study for all my finals this week
  • Not freak out
  • DO all my finals this week
  • Post extras to my series Treasure Chest
  • Not freak out
  • Buy Christmas gifts for whole family
  • Make Christmas Gifts for all my friends
  • Not freak out
Seems easy enough, I hope

Did I mention my Chem. Midterm's tomorrow, and that I shouldn't be procrastinating on LiveJournal

Forgive me bunny

P.S. Just in case anyone's interested, I recently finished part 7 to Treasure Chest; it's here: http://www.freewebs.com/sweetlittleveronica/TC/Leafy.htm

Act Stupid

This post is just a recap of what's been going on.

Thanksgiving was okay but I probably gained ten pounds. On the way home my Dad finally asked me what was up with me and my sister. We had been fighting for months before and she'd been making snide comments at everything I do since (some even breaking into fights) but talked to him about it. A couple days later he told the both of us he told us to at least be civil to each other. I was thinking the same thing my sister did but I choose not to say anything because I didn't want any huge fight. My sister however, tells him it won't really solve anything but she still hates me, my dad says he doesn't care, my sister gets mad, my dad asks her why she doesn't like me, she says it's because I "apparently" think I'm better than everyone else (really? how come I never knew what I thought? Thanks for pointing it out sis!), my dad turns in around at says she thinks she's better than everyone else. They leave to fight for an hour about how everyone takes my side (notice I'm not even in the fight, thus, do not have a side). I couldn't really hear anything past that but apparently it worked; my sister stopped snapping at me and we haven't fought (or talked but I consider it progress)

Since then things have been good: for a  mandatory project i've been dreading my teacher tells me that since I help so much I can use one of her animals for it; which in turn helps me do another project. Sweet! It's especially good because I'll either get to raise a baby chicky or a bunny rabbit (who I've affectionately name Eeyore - for its droopy ears that make it seem depressed). Another project worth 50% my dance midterm I got an extra day on and finally feel like I got the moves down. I actually feel like I can make my deadline for my story Treasure Chest (see website for more details) see as I only need two more parts to finish. Plus, I have 3  sparkling new-rabid plot-bunnies to introduce in 2009

On top of that... it's 22 DAYS till Christmas, how can I not be a little cheery?
21st-Nov-2008 08:05 pm - Um, hi

Okay, don't know if anyone's reading this but here goes...

On the web I'm known as Ronnie from my normally used username sweet_little_veronica; Sweetie or any other good nickname you can think will work too. I made a livejournal because I kinda just wanted to get things out about my life and talk to my friends.

So I'm the (unfortunate) middle child of my family at 15 years old, and I'll elaborate later on my family throughout my journals. My best friends on the other side of this flickering screen are Madi, Lay, Sasami, Genie, Grey, El, and others because all of them are the best in their own way. Though my online best friends are
Beckuh, Tia, Réka, and Sera, along with a whole bunch of other cool people I meet on the web.

My profile and homepage on freewebs gives most of my about me so in summary: like cats, sweets, fantasy novels, fun, and writing. I hate chocolate (I know weird huh? or at least most people seem to think so), rude/closed-minded people, and cleaning my travesty of a room.

Um, my life's in transition for the moment and I'm starting to wonder if it's a good thing or a bad thing. I'm changing, people are changing, and my school won't shut up gently press upon us the fact that soon we'll have to start working on our college applications and preparing to move out on our own. Thing is I'm still undecided, I don't know where or what I want to do. I've been thinking about trying to become a writer since it's my passion; I'm not exactly Dahl yet but I have a couple of original works posted on that freewebs I keep mentioning, reading and comments would be highly appreciated. Though I also love working with kids (and probably the only one in my family who can honestly say so) and I love to teach so maybe I want to be a teacher. I love animals too and I recently got interested in social work so in reality I don't have a clue.

Things have become a bit strained at the home, I want to get as far away from it as possible.

And now on a lighter note...I'm hoping mi famila y yo can get away to my Uncle's house up north Florida for Thanksgiving. It'll be a nice break because everything so mellow there and somehow I manage to gain at least one rabid plot bunny from going there. As for reality right now, things are great, somewhat. My English and Chem. teachers are the greatest, my second science class has us outside for at least 10 minutes a class to take care of and play/fawn over the animals of the school. Dance is a bit harder since the midterm is technically only half the midterm; which my group and I are working on right now. Math is ( a horribly detested but) easily to get subject for me, I have a abnormal aptitude for it. Spanish is getting easier as hopefully the beginning of this paragraph shows. Thankfully (and a bit sadly) I have no dramas of at time with it save for I'm stressed that my group in English class for a project is trying to take the easy way out on this. It burns my inner-Hufflepuff, but I cannot point out the things they've over-looked without looking like a control-freak who "makes things complicated". *sigh*

But on the brightside (pun not intended) 35 days till Christmas!!!
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